Divorce-Proof Your Marriage Part 2. How To Keep Your Wife Happy – 1923


The 10 Commandments For Men Wishing To Divorce-Proof Their Marriage – 1923

“The average woman is a bundle of highly strung nerves.”

We continue with part two on the advice given out in 1923 by New York City’s Legal Aid Society, Domestic Relations Division to help to save marriages.

Here is the portion given to husbands to insure domestic tranquility:

1. Be generous according to your means. A woman rightly expects liberal support from her husband. She is duly considerate of sincere effort and tolerant of misfortune, but differentiates sharply between ill fortune and inertia.

2. Do not interfere with a woman in the management of purely domestic affairs. The average wife is far better qualified than her husband to plan for home comfort and to handle economically that portion of his income set aside for household expenses.

3. Be cheerful, even though it sometimes may tax you to the utmost. Nothing reacts more surely on the nerves of a tired woman to engender suspicion and ill-temper than the homecoming of a gloomy, taciturn husband.

4. Be considerate. The average woman is a bundle of highly strung nerves. If she complains,
it is rarely for insufficient reasons. Her efforts to make your home clean, inviting, and comfortable, merit appreciation and cooperation.

5. Make love to your wife; continue to be her sweetheart. Neglect begets indifference that is fatal to married life. Every true wife expects to be a sweetheart, and rightly. More than bitter disappointment follows disillusionment.

6. Do not scold. Sharp words and petty fault-finding eventually react to dampen affection,
if not kill it altogether. Also, they will cause misunderstanding and engender a spirit of op-
position and retaliation distinctly incompatible with sympathy and cooperation.

7. Establish your own home, if possible remote from your wife’s and your own immediate families. The frequent interference, although probably well-meant advice of those who by reason of family ties feel competent to inject their opinions into the home of a young couple trying to understand each other, seldom does anything but complicate an already delicate situation. Newlyweds usually will arrive at a satisfactory modus vivendi if left alone.

8. Do not keep a lodger. The constant presence of an outsider in a home frequently gives
rise to ill-founded and unjust suspicions against the wife. She is only human, so don’t expect her
to be impervious to the direct or indirect influence which such a person may exert—and to the husband’s own undoing. .

9. Cultivate neatness and personal cleanliness. No woman can help contrasting a well-dressed and neatly turned-out man acquaintance with a slovenly husband. A wife wishes to look up to
her husband, to be proud of him, and to admire and respect him.

10. Be kind and just to your children. A woman quickly looks with distrust and aversion upon the man who is harsh and cruel to her children.

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1 thought on “Divorce-Proof Your Marriage Part 2. How To Keep Your Wife Happy – 1923

  1. Kevin

    Guys still don’t pay attention to rule #9. I’m astonished at the young couples where the woman is dressed to kill, and the guy is a slob.


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