Classic Hollywood #100 – Mickey Rooney Kissing Bette Davis

Rooney & Davis – Two Very Popular Movie StarsĀ  – 1940

Mickey Rooney Bette Davis Ed Sullivan 1940Mickey Rooney and Bette Davis are two names you would not link romantically. Then maybe Mickey is kissing Bette for a movie?

Mickey Rooney appeared in over 300 motion picture and television features in a 90 year career, yet never in a film with Bette Davis.

The occasion is a perfect PR ploy from newspaper writer Ed Sullivan. Before Sullivan was a television star, his syndicated column ran in hundreds of newspapers. From the original news slug:

The irrepressible Mickey Rooney planted a kiss on the cheek of Bette Davis when they met to receive popularity crowns from Ed Sullivan, columnist, who conducted a nation-wide poll. Tribune readers joined in selecting the most popular star. AP Wirephoto – January 26, 1940

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