Classic Hollywood #92 – Part 2 Unpublished Snapshots of the Stars 1948-49 – Couples

More Snaphots of the Stars In 1948-49 – Hollywood Couples

Howard Duff and Ava Gardner

We continue our look back at a fan’s collection of snapshots from the late 1940s.

Frequently the studio would pair up couples so that they could be seen together when they were going out on the town. It didn’t matter that they may have had no interest in one another or one of them was gay. It  was good publicity to be seen by the press and public.

However in many of these photographs the stars are married to one another and they are not “beards” covering up homosexual relationships.

Even more surprising is that a number of these couples remained married to each other for many years; some until death. Cyd Charisse and Tony Martin and Jeanette MacDonald and Gene Raymond being two prime examples of lifelong commitments.

June Allyson and Dick Powell

Betsy Blair and Gene Kelly

Cyd Charisse and Tony Martin


Gloria DeHaven and John Payne








Howard Duff and Ava Gardner

Al Jolson and Evie Galbraith

John Agar and Shirley Temple

Virginia Mayo and Michael O’Shea

Bill Williams and Barbara Hale


Van Johnson and Evie Wynn Johnson

Charles Russell and Nancy Guild

Dinah Shore and George Montgomery



Esther Williams and Ben Gage

Patricia Knght and Cornel Wilde




Betty Garrett and Larry Parks

Ann Miller and Stewart Granger



Jeanette MacDonald and Gene Raymond

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