Classic Hollywood #87 – James Caan Gets Married 1976

James Caan and Sheila Ryan Get Married

James Caan wedding Sheila Ryan 1976

James Caan Sheila Ryan wedding ceremony photo: Gary Thompson Globe Photos

Here we see James Caan and Sheila Ryan getting married on January 12, 1976. It was a happy occasion, I guess. But why do groom Caan and bride Ryan look like they want to either call it off right then and there or deck the chaplain for saying something inappropriate? Or is just the seriousness of the solemn occasion?

Or is it that James Caan always has a badass look, even at his own wedding?

Who knows what the sourpuss expressions were about at that moment.

But the marriage between the two didn’t even last two years. Caan and Ryan were divorced December 7, 1977 a day which will live in infamy at least for Caan and anyone who experienced the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The marriage produced a son, Scott Caan. James Caan paid $1,000 per month in child support until Scott reached the age of 18 according to IMDB.

Sheila Ryan Caan appeared in a few TV and movie roles and passed away September 12 0212 one day after her 60th birthday.

The 79-year-old Bronx born Caan is still making films with two coming out in 2020 JL Family Ranch 2 and Never Too Late.

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