Gloria Vanderbilt Dead At 95 – Rare News Photos Of When She Was Young

Young Gloria Vanderbilt –  Rare Press Photos

Bruce Cabot and Gloria Vanderbilt attend a theater in Hollywood November 29, 1941 photo Acme

Actor Bruce Cabot with 17-year-old Gloria Vanderbilt at the Music Box Theater in Hollywood for the premiere of “They Can’t Get You Down” October 27, 1941 photo: Acme

Being a rich child with a large trust fund did not define Gloria Vanderbilt. Neither did a sensational tug of war child custody battle between her mother Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt and her aunt Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney.  When Gloria Vanderbilt died of stomach cancer in New York on June 17, 2019 at the age of 95, she had achieved prominence in many facets of life.

Being a Vanderbilt, it was practically a given that Gloria would become well known as an heiress and socialite. But there was a lot more to Gloria Vanderbilt.

Born June 24, 1924 during the jazz age and growing up shielded from the Great Depression, Gloria’s life ended up far away from sedentary affluence.

An independent woman with drive, Vanderbilt, became an artist, author, top fashion model, actress and famed clothing designer. Online obituaries will cover her amazing and turbulent life. Her childhood, four marriages, the suicide of her son Carter Vanderbilt Cooper, brother of journalist Anderson Cooper and varied career paths will be detailed elsewhere.

Instead, we will focus our attention on Vanderbilt’s activities as a child and young woman with a few rare press photos.

Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney with niece Gloria Vanderbilt 1935

Gloria Vanderbilt with her aunt Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney & Louis Hutchinson at Roslyn, NY May 25, 1935 photo: Wide World Photos

Gloria Attends The Hunt Meets With Her Aunt

Roslyn, L.I. – Gloria Vanderbilt, daughter of Mrs. Gloria Vanderbilt, is shown here with her aunt, Mrs. Harry Payne Whitney [Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney] (Left), and Louise Hutchinson, as she attended the United Hunts Meeting at Roslyn, L.I. . A recent court decision gave custody of the youngster to Mrs. Whitney on week-days and on the weekends she remains with her mother. 5-25-1935 photo: Wide World Photos

1938 Gloria Vanderbilt with Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney

Gloria Vanderbilt with her aunt Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney 1938 photo: AP

After dating both actor Bruce Cabot and agent Pat Di Cicco, Gloria married Di Cicco. Interestingly, Cabot was the best man at their wedding.

Gloria Vanderbilt and fiance outside Stork Club 1941

Gloria Vanderbilt and fiance Pat Di Cicco emerge from the Stork Club 1941 photo: Wide World Photos

Gloria Vanderbilt And Fiance

New York City – Gloria Morgan Vabderbilt 17- year-old heiress to more than $4,000,000, and Pasquale Di Cicco, notion picture executive of Beverly Hills, Calif., pictured before the Stork Club following the announcement of their engagement last night. Di Cicco is a widower, his first wife, Thelma Todd, film actress, having died in 1935. The marriage is expected to take place shortly in California. !2-12-1941 photo: Wide World Photos

Gloria Vanderbilt dances with husband 1942

Gloria Vanderbilt dances with husband Pasquale Di Cicco 1942 photo: Wide World Photos

The Di Ciccos Dance

New York – Mr. and Mrs. Pat Di Cicco, she the former Gloria Vanderbilt, and he a corporal in the U.S. Army on furlough before attending Officers Candidate School enjoy a dance at the Copacabana, Manhattan nightspot. Corporal Pat, a former theatrical agent was stationed at Fort Reilly, Kan. 11.2-1942 photo: Wide World Photos

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  1. tiffany

    A lovely woman that looks like “opening her eyes” was not always pleasant. Until the last days, an exceptionally beautiful woman. I miss class like this today!


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