Classic Hollywood #76 – Silent Movie Stars Reunite

A 1936 Gathering Of Silent Movie Stars

Silent films were virtually eradicated in 1929 with all the major film studios converting from silents to talkies. So it is kind of funny to see this 1936 news photo labeled “Old Time Film Notables.”

Most of the silent stars pictured above are not well known today, but they were “big” in their day.

After the slug, we list vitals, the number of films the star appeared in, and the year of their final film appearance.

Before reading the answer below, how many stars can you recognize?

Fame is certainly fleeting.

Old Time Film Notables Feted By Current Stars

Los Angeles – More than fifty former film stars of the silent screen days were feted at the Riverside Drive Breakfast Club in Los Angeles by current film notables. At the gathering a memorial service was held for former associates of the old time stars who have passed away.

Photo shows: Members of the old Vitagraph Co. In the bottom row, left to right, are: Virginia Pearson: Evangeline Russell; Stewart Blackton; Agnes Ayers; Lionel Belmor; Katherine Adams; and Larry Tremble. In the back row, left to right, are: Alice Lake, Florence Lawrence; Flora Finch and Ruth Rennick. credit: Wide World photos 5/28/1936

Virginia Pearson (1886-1958) 51 films, final film 1932
Evangeline Russell (1902-1966) 9 films, final film 1929 – married to J. Stuart Blackton (1936-1941)
J. Stuart Blackton (1875-1941) director 188 films, actor 31 films, final film 1933
Agnes Ayres (1898-1940) 93 films, final film 1937
Lionel Belmore (1867-1953) 183 films, final film 1945
Kathryn Adams (1893-1959) 46 films, final film 1931
Laurence TrimbleĀ (1885-1954) director 109 films, final film 1926
Alice Lake (1895-1967) 99 films, final film 1936
Florence Lawrence (1886-1938) 300 films, final film 1937
Flora Finch (1867-1940) 265 films, final film 1939
Ruth Renick (1893-1984) 30 films, final film 1938

The name that is most known to movie buffs today would be Florence Lawrence. The Biograph Girl,” considered by many film historians to be the first movie star.

Blackton, Finch, Lake and Ayres are also well known names to silent film fans.

I knew many of their names but I could not identify one.

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