New York City Apartment Building Names In 1904

A Good Name Is Hard To Find – New York City Apartment House Names In 1904 (A-F)

Demolition and new construction: the old landmarks vanish, new ones takes their place. It’s a practice that has been celebrated and lamented in New York City for more than 200 years..

As New York City accelerates its destruction of past places, it is important to note what was previously there.

The naming of apartment buildings in New York City goes as far back as 1870 when the Stuyvesant Flats, the first modern apartment building in the city was constructed.

Of course many people are familiar with The Dakota, The Beresford and The Osborne: grand apartment buildings with high prices and famous residents.

But in the 19th century, hundreds of relatively nondescript apartment buildings were given names too.

Real estate developers generally did not trademark the names they gave to their building. Therefore you will find multiple Augusta’s, Berkshire’s and Cambridge’s and other not so unique building names.

So why compile this list? If you are reading an old news story, doing genealogical research or are just curious for the exact address of a named apartment building from turn-of the-century New York City here it is. We thought this list would be helpful.

On the handful of addresses I checked on, the building was gone or the name had been removed from the facade. I would estimate fewer than half of these apartment buildings remain standing today and of those that do remain, less than one in ten retain their original name.

Because of the number of buildings involved in this list we will be breaking this up into three separate stories.

This list is only comprised of apartment buildings in Manhattan and the Bronx. It is also almost certainly not a complete inventory, because there were many tenement buildings on the Lower East Side and elsewhere that were given names, but do not show up on these lists.

Apartment – Hotels are denoted by an asterisk.

Below is A – F

Abelard 1887 Seventh ave

Aberdeen 249 W 107th st

Abington 44 E 79th st

Acacia 142 W 103d st

Acadia 1889 Seventh ave

Ackerly 241 W 101st St

Acropolis 519 W 123d st

Adela 228 W 25th st

Adelaide 635 Park ave

Adelaide 420 W 47th st

Adelaide 178 W 97th st

Adelaide 138 W 100th st

Adelaide 201 W 127th st

Adelphi 203 W 5 2d st

Adonis 1764 Madison ave

Adrian 58 W 72d st

Afton Broadway and 129th st

Agatha 1276 Lexington ave

Aguila 200 W 41st st

Alameda 232 W 126th st

Alamo 55 E 03d st

Alaska 450 W 47th st

Albany 224 W 52d st

Albemarle 361 W 27th st

Alberni 500 W 150th st

Albert 213 W 34th st

Albert Court 309 W 93d st

Albertina 701 St Nicholas ave

Alcazar 120 E 86th st

Alclyde 2 W 94th st

Aldine 358 W 51st st

Alexander 201 W 112th st

Algonquin 59 W 44th st

Algonquin 6 W 107th st

Algonquin 200 W 129th st

Alhambra 28 Central Park So

Alimar 925 West End ave

Allerton 100 E 124th st

Allston 17 E 38th st

Alma 102 W 89th st

Alma 297 W 112th st

Almed a 101 W 131st st

Almont 73 W 88th St

Alpine 55 W 33d st

Altamont 142 W 112th st

Altamonte 606 W 113th st

Alva 131 E 86th st

Alvarado 911 Park ave

Alvine 101 E 123d st

Amaganset 744 St Nicholas ave

Amain 28 W 125th st

Amaranth 166 W 128th st

American 119 E 47th st

American 68 W 117th st

Amherst 107 W 82d st

Amidon 233 W 83d st

Amity 2 E 128th st

Amsterdam 135 W 67th st

Amsterdam 175 W 81st st

Amsterdam 190 W 101st st

Amsterdam 481 W 159th st

Amy 100 W 86th St

Anglesea 60 S Washington sq

Anita 298 W 112th st

Anna 322 E 119th st

Annette 294 W 92d St

Ansonia 2109 Broadway

Anthony 439 W 123d st

Antoinette 234 W 42d st

Antoinettes 43 E 58th st

Antwerp, 250 W. 85th st.

Aragon, 183 1 Seventh ave.

Arbutus, 301 W. 91st St.

Arcola, 50 E. 86th st.

Ardea, 31-33 W. 12th st.

Arden, 13-15 W. 91st

Arden, 1187 Boston rd.

Ardsley Hall, 320 Central Park West

Argyle, 142 W. 131st st.

Argyle-Glasgow, 235 W. 116th st.

Anston, 1730 Broadway

Arizona, 78 W. 131st st.

Arlington, 18 W. 25th st.

Arlington, 152 E. 40th st.

Arlington. 146 W. 82d st.

Arlington, 145 Lenox ave.

Arragon, 2611 Broadway

Arthur, 252 W. 38th st.

Arthur, 6 W. 114th st.

Arverne, 174 W. 71st st.

Ashfield, 305 W. 55th st.

Ashland, Fourth ave. and 24th st.

Ashley, 411 W. 145th st.

*Ashton, 614 Lexington ave.

Ashton, 1306 Madison ave.

Astor, 235 W. 75th st.

Athelstan 169 W. 91st st.

Atlanta, 162 E. 36th st.

Atlanta, 204 W. 70th st.

Atlantic, 110 E. 91st st.

Auburn, 341 W. 24th st.

Auburn, 105 E. 123d st.

*Audubon, Broadway and 39th st.

Audubon, 921 St. Nicholas ave.

Augusta, 142 Manhattan ave.

Augusta, 1838 Seventh ave,

Augusta, 255 W. 92d st.

Aurelia, 281 Fifth ave.

Austin, 215 W. 100th St.

Ava, 9 E. 10th St.

Avery, 1195 Boston rd.

Avon, 1768 Madison ave.

Avon, 166 W. 122d St.

Avondale, 179 W. 76th st.

Avondale. 116 E. 91st st.

Avondale, 288 W. 92d st.

Avonmore, 2 131 Broadway

Avonmore, 137 W. 83d st.

Awosting, 138 E. 94th st.

Aylsmere, 60 W. 76th st.

*Balmoral, 70 Lenox ave.

Baltimore, 138 E. 40th st.

Bannockburn, 2051 Fifth ave.

Barbara, 759 Lexington ave.

Barcelona, 165 W. 58th st.

Barfeldon, 315 W. 94th st.

Barnard, 108 Central Park West

Barnett, 66 Madison ave.

Baroness, 64 W. 124th st.

Barraclough, 400 W. 20th st.

Barrington, 42 E. 25th st.

Batavia, 128 E. 112th st.

Bayport, 138 W. 49th st.

Beatrice, 138 E. 48th st.

Beatrice, 261 W. 112th st.

Beatrice, 35 W. 131st st.

Beatrice, 109 W. 129th st.

Beauchamp, 78 W. 85th st.

Beauclere, 301 W. 109th st.

Beaufort, 754 Seventh ave.

Beaumont, 2027 Seventh ave.

Bedford, 2325 Seventh ave.

Bedford, 165 W. 82d st.

Beechwood, 125 E. 24th st.

Beekman, 351 W. 44th st.

Beekman, 226 E. 50th st.

Belcourt, 54 St. Nicholas ave.

Belgravia, 611 Fifth ave.

Bella, 48 E. 26th st.

Belleville, 212 St. Nicholas ave.

Bellport, 336 W. 56th st.

Bellrose, 230 W. 113th st.

*Belmont, 116 W. 45th st.

Belmont, 32 W. 132d st.

Belmore, 749 Tinton ave.

Belvedere, 401 W. 30th st.

Belvedere, 355 E. 116th st.

Belvoir, 472 West End ave.

Belwood, 168 E. 24th st.

Benedick, 80 E. Washington sq.

Ben Hur, 2643 Broadway

Ben Nevis, 120 W. 47th st.

Bennington, 142 E. 27th st.

*Beresford, 1 W. 81st st.

Bergen, 67 W. 133d st.

Berkeley, 336 W. 33d st.

Berkshire, 500 Madison ave.

Berkshire, 271 W. 124th st.

Berkshire, 2322 Eighth ave.

Berlin, 218 W. 128th st.

Bernard, 49 W. 112th st.

Bernard, 137 W. 127th st.

Bernice, 545 W. 148th st.

Bertha, 16 W. 125th st.

Berwick, 317 W. 58th st.

Berwick, 65 W. 131st st.

Beulah, 469 W. 157th st.

Beverley, 307 Lenox ave.

Beverley, 245 W. 116th st.

Beverly, 265 W. 81st st.

Beverly Hall, 316 W. 94th st.

Beverwyck, 39 W. 27th st.

Biltmore, 56 W. 58th st.

Biltmore, 261 W. 129th st.

*Bingham, 210 W. 94th st.

Blackburn, 100 W. 61st st.

Bleecker, 49 Grove st.

Blenheim, 60 W. 58th st.

Blenheim, 2491 Broadway

Bloomingdale, 172 W. 99th st.

Blythbourne, 1431 Madison ave.

Bolkenhayn, 761 Fifth ave.

Bostock, 309 W. 116th St.

Boston, 36 Central Park South

Boston, 202 W. 133d St.

Bradford Mansion, 841 West End ave.

Bradhurst, 474 W. 146th st.

Brandon, 781 Park ave.

Brantingham, 211 W. 69th st.

Brayman, 3 W. 92d st.

Brayton, 62 Madison ave.

Breander, Central Park West and 102d st.

Brendone, 102 W. 92d st.

Brewster, 1 W. 115th st.

Brighton, 244 W. 56th st.

Brittany, 241 W. 102d st.

Broadway, 1425 Broadway

Broadway, 2760 Broadway

Broadway, 230 W. 101st st.

Brockholst, 101 W. 85th st.

Browning, 108 E. 124th st.

Bruce, 456 W. 47th st.

Brunswick, 223 Fifth ave.

Brunswick, Lexington ave. and 79th st.

*Brunswick, 22 E. 89th st.

Bryant Park, 80 W. 40th st.

Buckingham Court, 314 W. 99th st.

Buena Vista, 375 Central Park West

*Burlington, 10 W. 30th st.

Burlington, 147 Lenox ave.

Byron, 74 W. 118th st.

Cabonack, 188 St. Nicholas ave.

Caledonia, 28 W. 26th st.

Calumet, 159 W. 34th st.

Cambridge, 334 Fifth ave.

Cambridge, 29 E. 124th st.

Cambridge, 210 W. i}sd st.

Cameron, 454 W. 47tn st.

Cameron, 320 St. Nicholas ave.

Campbell, 140 W. 129th st.

Capitol, 1976 Lexington ave.

Capitol, 306 W. 18th st.

Carlos, 230 W. 76th st.

Carlton, 124 W. 36th st.

Carlton, 110 W. 39th st.

*Carlton, 211 W. 54th st.

Carlyle, 22 W. 60th st.

Carlyle Chambers, 2 W. 38th st.

Caroline, 161 W. 106th st.

Caroline, 108 E. 121st st.

Carrington, 149 Lenox ave.

Carrollton, 981 Madison ave.

Carteret, 201 W. 54th st.

Carthage, 230 W. 122d st.

Cartright, 130 W. 115th st.

Carvel Court, 80 St. Nicholas ave.

Casanova, 257 W. 129th st.

Cascade. 265 Central Park West

Castleton, 110 W. 57th st.

Catherine, 1 W. 69th st.

Catherine, 466 W. 149th st.

Cayuga, 322 W. 83d st.

Cecelia, 116 Waverly pl.

Cecelia, 162 E. 46th st.

Cecil, 929 West End ave.

Centennial, 455 W. 43d st.

Central, 68 Washington sq. South

Central, 331 Lexington ave.

Central, 107 W. 45th st.

Century, 119 W. 45th st.

Century, 95 W. 119th st.

Ceylon, 146 W. 103d st.

Chacornac, 5 W. 91st st.

Chalfonte, 158 W. 129th st.

Charles, 61 Morningside ave.

Charles, 3610 Broadway

Chatham Court, 71 Central Park West

Chattilion, 220 Riverside ave.

Chatsworth, 168 W. 96th st.

Chelsea. 338 W. 18th st.

Chelsea Court, 360 W. 21st st.

Cherbourg. 1 W. 92d st.

Chester Court, 86 W. 119th st.

Chesterfield, 276 W. 19th st.

Chetwoode. 133 W. 83d st.

Chicora, 317 W. 57th st.

Choctaw, 445 Manhattan ave.

Claremont, 4 W. 115th st.

Claremount, 229 E. 12th st.

Clarence, 101 W. 58th st.

Clarence. 100 W. 124th st.

Clarendon, 1958 Madison ave.

Clarissa, Seventh ave. and 140th st.

Clark, 1211 Madison ave.

Clement Court, 33 W. 99th st.

Clermont, 215 W. 54th st.

Cleveland, 126 E. 24th st.

Cleveland, 29 E. 114th st.

Clifford, 1973 Seventh ave.

Clifton, 140 E. 52d St.

Clifton, 74 W. 85th St.

Clifton, 2010 Seventh ave.

Clinton, 253 W. 42d st.

Clinton, 252 W. 85th st.

Clinton, 604 St. Nicholas ave.

Cloister, 135 Madison ave.

Clorinda, 160 W. 106th st.

*Clydes, 2128 Broadway

Cole, 28 W. 128th st.

*Collingwood, 43 W. 35th st.

Colonial, 243 W. 99th St.

Colorado, 234 Central Park West

Columbia, 150 East 27th st.

Columbia, 360 W. 45th st.

Columbia, 136 E. 49th st.

Columbia, 132 W. 67th st.

Columbia, 505 W. 112th st.

Columbia, 342 E. 110th st.

Columbia, 3 W. 122d st.

Columbia Arms, 430 W. 118th st.

Columbia Court, Riverside ave. and 115th st.

Columbus, 129 W. 67th St.

Columbus, 70 E. 122d st.

Constance, 60 St. Nicholas ave.

Cordova, 170 Central Park South

Corinseca, 209 W. 97th st.

Cornell, 1 W. 97th st.

Corona, 310 W. 97th st.

Cononado, 75 E. 81st st.

Coronet, 57 W. 58th st.

Courtlandt, 1219 Madison ave.

Cranmoor, 100 W. 88th st.

Crescent, 84 W. 113th st.

Crescent, 42 E. 129th st.

Creston, 835 West End ave.

Criterion, 60 W. 10th st.

Croisic, 7 W. 26th st.

Crystal, 104 W. 40th st.

Cumberland, 248 W. 133d st.

Curtis, 161 W. 36th st.

Curtiss, 176 W. 87th St.

Cynthius, 3136 Broadway

Dakota, 1 W. 72d st.

Dakota, 54 W. 129th st.

Dalhousie, 40 Central Park South

Dalkeith, 1931 Madison ave.

Darlington, 229 W. 101st st.

Darlington, 101 W. 117th st.

Dartmouth, 109 W. 82d st.

Daylesford, 74 W. 89th st.

Dayton, 80 W. 91st st.

Delaware, 243 W. 21st st.

De Leon, 50 W. 112th st.

*Delmonico’s, Fifth ave. and E. 44th st.

Del Monte, 102 W. 75th st.

De Lone, 448 W. 47th st.

Deshler, 124 W. 114th st.

Desmond, 2026 Seventh ave.

Desmonde, 337 W. 23d st.

Devonshire, 325 W. 83d st.

Dewey, 220 W. 20th st.

Dewey, 142 W. 67th st.

De Witt, 62 W. 66th st.

Diamond, 124 E. 112th st.

Donac, 402 W. 20th st.

Don Carlos, 905 Madison ave.

Dorannie, 8 W. 105th st.

Dorchester, 1740 Madison ave.

Dorchester Court, 19 Central Park West

Dorilton, 169 W. 71st st.

Dorincourt, 57 E. 76th st.

Dorothea, 331 W. 101st st.

Dorothy, 309 W. 111th st.

Dorothy, 2392 Seventh ave.

Douglas, 103 E. 16th st.

Douglas, 27 W. 26th St.

Douglas, 357 W. 115th St.

Douglas, 201 W. 121st St.

Dresden, 220 W. 128th st.

Dryden, 2 W. 115th st.

Dry Dock, 355 E. 4th st.

Duchess, 62 W. 124th st.

Dudley, 225 E. 14th st.

Dunlap, 245 W. 104th st.

Dunmore, 230 W. 42d st.

Dunsbro, 120 E. 31st st.

Dunwoodie, 133 W. 67th st.

Eagle, 353 W. 44th St.

*Earle, 103 Waverly pl.

Earlington, 100 W. 114th st.

Earl’s Court, 306 W. 94th st.

Earl’s Court, 108 W. 141st st.

Eastminster, 230 E. 50th st.

Easton, 153 E. 18th st.

Eden, 242 W. 49th st.

Edenvale, 139 W. 83d st.

Edgecomb, 318 W. 135th st.

Edgecomb, 233 Edgecomb ave.

Edgemere, 200 W. 96th st.

Edgeworth, 114 W. 16th st.

Edinboro, 201 W. 103d st.

Edinburgh, 112 E. 81st st.

Edinburgh, 174 W. 87th st.

Edith, 2 W. 101st St.

Edna, 103 W. 103d st.

Edrington, 2142 Seventh ave.

Eglington, 259 W. 36th st.

Eileen, 55 W. 116th st.

Eisleben, 293 Lenox ave.

Elaine, 149 E. 124th st.

Elberon, 360 W. 51st st.

El Casco Court, 205 W. 103d st.

Elderado, 56 W. 129th st.

Eldorado. 226 W. 75th st.

Eldorado, 300 Central Park West

Eleanor Court, 317 W. 93d st.

Elenore, 141 W. 110th st.

Elise, 952 Eighth ave.

Elise, 200 W. 111th st.

Elizabeth, 248 W. 105th st.

Elizabeth, 72 E. 120th st.

Elizabeth, 59 Morningside ave.

Elizabeth, 393 Lenox ave.

Elizabeth, 234 W. 134th st.

Ella, 468 Central Park West

Ellerslie, 14 W. 115th st.

Ellerslie, 2166 Seventh ave.

Elliott, 61 W. 86th St.

Ellwood, 169 W. 64th St.

Elmendorf, 135 W. 11th st.

Elmer, 81 Morningside ave.

Elmhurst, 250 W. 84th st.

Elmhurst, 212 W. 105th st.

El Montecito, 361 W. 121st st.

Elmore Court, 541 W. 124th st.

Elmscourt, 1356 Madison ave.

Elmwood, 69 W. 93d St.

El Nido, 121 St. Nicholas ave.

El Paso, 350 W. 119th st

El Retiro, 7 E. 32d st.

Elseghem, 200 W. 69th st.

Elsie, 151 E. 124th St.

Elsinore, 26 Lenox ave.

Elsinore, 502 W. 151st st.

Elsmere, 341 W. 23d st.

Elsmere, 14 E. 87th st.

Elwood, 202 Edgecomb ave.

Emerson, 110 Lenox ave.

Emerson, 500 W. 121st st.

Emilie, 80 W. 102d st.

Emory, 172 W. 133d st.

Empire, 200 W. 82d st.

Emporium, 25 W. 44th st.

*Endicott, Columbus ave. and W. 81st st.

Endymion, 352 W. 117th st.

Englander Court, 1469 Lexington ave.

Englewood, 1187 Lexington ave.

Enterprise, 364 W. 36th st.

Eskdale, 1269 Madison ave.

*Essex, 572 Madison ave.

Estling, 225 Riverside ave.

Euclid Hall, 2347 Broadway

Eugenie, 136 E. 48th st.

Euphrates, 224 W. 21st st.

Evelyn, 101 W 78th st.

Everett, 33 W. 63d st.

Everett, 152 E. 80th st.

Everett, 138 W. 129th st.

Everett, 1197 Boston rd.

Fairfax, 1324 Madison ave.

Fairfield, 364 W. 121st st.

Fair Haven, 310 W. 112th st.

Fairhill, 464 W. 35th st.

Fanita, 148 Lenox ave.

Fanwood, 112 E. 17th st.

Farragut, 45 W. 60th st.

Farragut, 319 W. 115th st.

Faultless, 241 E. 13th st.

Feller, 136 E. 17th st.

Fenimore, 442 W. 57th st.

Ferncliff, 201 W. 120th st.

Ferndale, 120 E. 91st st.

Fife Arms, 251 W. 87th st.

Fifth Avenue, 24 Central Park South

Fifth Avenue, 1038 Fifth ave.

Fillmore, 348 Central Park West

Flaustine, 156 W. 106th st.

Flavia, 349 Central Park West

Fleetwood, 115 W. 84th st.

Flora. 1843 Lexington ave.

Florence, 232 W. 134th st.

Florence, 73 W. 116th st.

Florentine, 149 E. 84th st.

Florian, 48 E. 129th st.

Florida, 155 E. 45th st.

Fontenay, 310 W. 80th st.

Formosa, 140 W. 103d st.

Forres, 251 W. 81st st.

Foster, 314 W. 133d st.

Foxhall, 438 W. 116th st.

Franconia, 375 Manhattan ave.

Franklin, 927 Sixth ave.

Franklyn, 55 E. 11th st.

Franklyn, 56 Lenox ave.

Fremont, 310 W. 94th st.

Friesland, 235 W. 103d st.

Frontenac, 308 W. 97th st.

Frontenac, 76 W. 113th st.

Fulda, 1240 Lexington ave.

Fulton, 128 W. 83d st.

Fulton, 1663 Madison ave.

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4 thoughts on “New York City Apartment Building Names In 1904

  1. Kate Kohli

    Where did you gather the list of apartment building names? Is there also a list of architects that designed them? Librarian

    1. B.P. Post author

      Gotta love late 19th / early 20th century titling.

      The long title (which is why it was not used in the article) is:

      THE Manhattan Guide
      GREATER NEW YORK RED BOOK CITY OF NEW YORK REFERENCE BOOK of practical information concerning the five boroughs of Greater New York.

      PUBLISHED BY The Manhattan Guide Company
      271 Broadway
      Manhattan New York

  2. Reinaldo Cruz

    Great resource. I grew up at Edgar Court, 545 W.125th street. The name is still there spelled out on the hexagonal-tile floor of the foyer. Up the block at 565 and the neighboring 567, the names Nairn and Brodie are carved in stone over the entryways.


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