Coney Island Celebrates The Anniversary Of The Hot Dog

Celebrating The Hot Dog, 1967 Style

It’s another anniversary for the hot dog.

But there probably won’t be a celebration like the one shown here from 1967.

Here is the original caption from the press photo:

Hot Dog!!!

New York: With a ferris wheel as a backdrop lovely Arlene Shaw, the 1967 National Hot Dog Queen holds a sign proclaiming the 100th anniversary of the fabled “frank.” Arlene will reign over a champagne “hot dog” party to be held on the boardwalk at Nathan’s in Coney Island June 30th celebrating the centennial of that extraordinary edible known as “Coney Island Red Hots.” credit: UPI 6/3/1967

If you believe the publicity, then this year marks the 140th anniversary of the hot dog. Will there be any special event to commemorate this years anniversary? Probably not.

This is classy era of 2017, so there will be no champagne hot dog party, Instead, if you are so inclined, on July 4 you can visit Nathan’s at Coney Island and witness the annual hot dog gorging contest.

If the dictionary ever needed a picture to define “gluttony,” a photograph of the contestants in action would be appropriate. In 2016, Joey Chestnut ate an astounding 70 hot dogs with buns in 10 minutes.

4 thoughts on “Coney Island Celebrates The Anniversary Of The Hot Dog

  1. Brian

    What would you rather look at on July Fourth — Arlene Shaw modeling hot dogs or Joey Chestnut gorging them???

    1. B.P. Post author

      Doubt it, because this woman was born in 1951 and was a lifelong resident of Trenton, NJ according to the obituary and her married name is Shaw and that is her second husband.

      For a minute I wondered what became of her as well, but didn’t bother to check. Maybe a friend / reader will know her.


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