Historic List Of Every Hotel In New York In 1882

In 1882 A Visitor To New York City Could Stay At Frankenstein’s –

A Complete List of Every (Reputable) Hotel In New York City In 1882

And How They Were Advertised

A few years ago we published a list of every hotel in Manhattan in 1964. That list has proven to be useful for many people.

So we decided to go all the way back to 1882 and provide a list of all the hotels in New York City. According to Phillips’ Business Directory for New York City 1881-1882, there were a total of 165 reputable hotels.

Looking over the list you may notice the street with the most hotels is Broadway. West Street with 26 hotels, was second in number. This is because of the many ships docking along the Hudson. Ritzy Fifth Avenue had only 14 hotels.

There are many sole proprietor hotels and some with names  you would not use today for a hotel, like Frankenstein’s Hotel located at 413 Broome Street and Crooks Hotel at 84 Chatham.

One hotel, Goodiwin’s, was located on 13th Avenue, a defunct avenue name which ran for about a mile alongside the Hudson River waterfront from just below Bank Street up to 26th Street.

The most famous hotels such as Astor House, Fifth Avenue Hotel and Hoffman House, are all gone. So it may come as no surprise, but not one New York City hotel from this 1882 list is still in business.

However a few of the buildings that once were hotels in 1882 remain.

The Hotel St. Stephen was incorporated into the Hotel Albert on East 11the Street. Its original facade vanished in the 1920s and The Albert is now a co-op residential building.

Gilsey House (built 1867) still exists at its original location on Broadway and 29th Street was converted into apartments. The Saint Denis Hotel was drastically altered many years ago and was converted into offices.

A key to the list: , c= corner of; prop= proprietor

Aberdeen, 917 B’way
Aberle Jacob, 145 8th
Albemarle, 1101 B’way
Albion, 133 8th
Anchor Line, 124 West
Anson House, 79 Spring
Anthony, 834 B’way
Ashland House, 315 4th av
Astor House, (Allen & Dam), 225 B’way. On the European plan
Atlantic Hotel, John Gerken, prop., 63 New Bowery
Baar Fred., 228 & 275 West & 164 South
Beauce Edward, 87 Clinton pl
Becker, F. W., 103 Bleecker
Berkeley, 20 5th av
Bobling & Bensen, 271 West
Brandreth House, 294 Canal
Brevoort House. 5th at c 8th
Brower House, 22 W 28th
Brunie Charles N., 279 & 280 West
Buckingham, 621 5th av
Cable’s Belmont Hotel, 141 Fulton
Café Pimlico, 11 W 24th
Caledonia House, 133 Reade
Carleton House, 202 William
Carroll Thomas. 27 West
Central Park, c W 59th & 7th av
Clarence Hotel, 12 Clinton pl
Clarendon, 4th av & E 18th
Clark Richard, 26 West
Coleman House, 1169 B’way
Commercial, 96 Spring
Compton House, 321 3d av
Continental, 904 B’way
Copeland House. 490 & 492 Canal
Cosmopolitan, 129 Chambers
Crooks, 84 Chatham
Cumberland, 945 B’way
Delmonieo Lorenzo, 112 B’way, 2 S. William, 22 Broad & 212 5th av
Devonshire, 30 E 42d
Dey St. House, 58 Dey
Earle’s, 289 Canal
Eastern, 64 Whitehall
Elsasser D. & Ott, 6 Greenwich
Erie, 186 West
Ernst Robert, 127 West
Eschbach, 261 4th av
Everett House, E 17th c 4th av
Everett Samuel H., 104 Vesey & 93 Barclay
Fifth Avenue, 5th av c 23rd
Foley Jeremiah, 50 Bleecker
Frankenstein’s, 413 Broome
French’s, 1 Chatham
Fulton Ferry, 93 South
Germania House, 137 Grand
Gilsey House, 1200 B’way
Glenham, 155 5th av
Goodiwin B. &T. J. W 28d c 13th av
Grand Central, 677 B’way
Grand Hotel, (Henry -Milford Smith, Proprietor), 1236 B’way
Grand Union, E 42d, c 4th av
Grosvenor, 37 5th av
Hall George, 78 Chatham
Halliker John S., 1352 5th av c 89th
Hamilton House, 125th c 8th av, I. W. Knapp Prop.
Hamilton Park, 69th c 3d av
Hartmann L. 47 Bowery
Helvetia, 62 E 4th
Hoenach Hugo H., 1½ 2d av
Hoffman House, 1111 B’way
Home-Made, 284 Greenwich
Hotel Branting, Madison av & 58th, Madison Avenue cars pass the door.
Hotel Bristol, 504 5th av
Hotel Brighton, 1465 B’way
Hotel Brunswick, 5th av be 26th & 27th
Hotel du Commerce, 117 Bleecker
Hotel Hamilton, 1144 B’way
Hotel Lindenau, 34 Bond
Hotel St. Stephen, 34 West 11th, European Plan, W. D. RYDER, Prop.
Huber & Rengier, 62 Greenwich
Hygienic Hotel, 13 & 15 Laight
International, 17 & 19 Park Row.
Lantelme Bros., 193 West
Leggett’s, 44 Chatham
Libby, 386 4th av
Lion Park Hotel, 9th av c 109th, C. & L. Bappler, Prop.
Magnolia, 184 West
Mallory W., 84 Gansevoort
Mansion House, William Brandes Prop., 478 4th av c E 32nd
Martin George W., 445 Hudson
Matthews Thomas, 274 West
McPyke James, 50 E 10th
Menken Gevert, 216 West
Merchants’, 37 Cortlandt
Merchants’, 39 Cortlandt
Metropolitan, 582 B’way
Mitchell Thomas, 10 West
Monico, 7 E 18th
Morris & Essex, 147 West
Mortimer James, 22 Greenwich
Morton House, B’way c 14th, European plan.
Nelson John, 4 Greenwich
New England, 30 Bowery
New York, 721 B’way
North River, 149 West & 107 Barclay
Occidental, 341 Broome c Bowery
Old Dominion, 234 West
Overton House, 68 Chatham
Paige’s, 300 West
Paisley House, 463 6th av
Park Avenue, 4th av 32d & 33d, Henry Clair, Manager.
Parker’s, 1303 B’way
Pezold F., 209 West
Point View Hotel. 111th c St. Nicholas av
Prescott House, 531 B’way
Rapid Transit. 300 Bowery
Reinhardt Charles, 2 Greenwich
Revere House, 606 B’way
Rochester Hotel, 112 Bleecker
Rolff’s, 1 Greenwich & 3 Battery
Rossmore, B’way & 42d
Royal, 694 6th av B’way
Saint Denis, 799 B’way
Schoenfeld’s, 45 West
Schuler L, 138 E 14th
Scott & Earl, 96 6th av
Shabert Eugene, 61 Murray
Sharkey M., 527 6th av
Shay Daniel J., 110th c 6th av
Sheffield (Frederick Sinclair House, B’way c 8th, (European Plan.)
Smith & McNeil, 198 Greenwich & 197 Wash’n
Soule & De Koster, 777 6th av
St. Charles, 648 B’way
St. Cloud, 1464 B’way
St. Felix, 159 Bleecker
St. James, 1137 B’way
St. Julien, 4 & 6 Wash’n pl
St. Nicholas, 515 B’way
St. Omer, 384 6th av
Star, 12 State
Stevens House, 27 B’way
Sturtevant House, 1186 B’way
Summit, 65 Bowery
Swan Charles A. 21 E 42d
Sweeney’s Hotel, 68 Chatham
Tremont House, 663 B’way
Union Square, 16 Union sq
United States, 196 Water
Vanderbilt, E 42d c Lex av
Van Dyke House, 28 Bowery
Victoria, 5th av B’way & 27th
Wahrenberger J. F., 130 Greenwich
Warren House, Hoyns Bros., Props., 165 Canal. Rooms by day or week, for gentlemen only.
Washington, 1 B’way
Wendel’s Assembly Rooms, 384 W 44th
West End, 246 8th av
Western Union, 114 West
Westminster, 119 E 16th. (American plan.)
Westmoreland, 48 Union sq
West Side, 225 6th av
White Star, 201 Chambers
Windsor, 5th av bet 46th & 47th

4 thoughts on “Historic List Of Every Hotel In New York In 1882

  1. June

    There is a lengthy article about a party of native american chiefs accompanied by BIA representative who were staying at St Charles Hotel on June 22, 1875 when one of the chiefs, disappeared. It was generally believed he was kidnapped for ransom or forced to join the crew of one of the ships leaving the harbor. I am looking for a picture of the St Charles Hotel taken around this time period in 1875 – If anyone is interested, the article can be found online at the University of Libraries Historic Oregon Newspapers site. The newspaper is the Willamette Farmers, Salem OR, Letter to the Editor, The Lost Chief, from Oliver Applegate.

  2. Harriet Matter-Jones

    I was trying to find information on the St. Charles Hotel, NYC, and ran across your fascinating website. How would I find our more about this hotel I wonder? The address, per your list, was at 648 Broadway, which is now called the Banner Building and was built in 1892. Yet it is on this list at the same address as the St Charles, (which my grandfather apparently owned at one time, in what I imagine was sometime in the early part of the 20th century. He died in his 70’s in 1955, you see. I believe he acquired it in the earlier part of his life and then sold it, but I have no documentation. I only recently learned of this from a genealogist friend of a friend who did a bit of free research for me a few years ago.

    1. B.P. Post author

      The best way to find out more is search the Library of Congress Historical Newspapers and Old Fulton NY Post Cards By Tom Tryinski. The LOC has newspapers from NYC that are searchable (Tribune, Sun and World) as does Tryinski’s site. The LOC site is more user friendly. Tryinski has almost a dozen daily NYC newspapers found nowhere else online, but the search engine is difficult to navigate. If you have a New York Public Library Card you can also search their online databases which contain historical newspapers online through Proquest. (Times and Tribune & Herald). I did a quick search and found several stories relating to residents of the hotel.

      I would stick to NYC papers pre-20th century and see what you can come up with. Best of luck.


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