President Trump And The First Pitch of The Baseball Season

President Trump Won’t Throw Out The Ceremonial First Pitch On Opening Day

Donald Trump in 2004 throws out the ceremonial first pitch photo: Kathy Willens AP via Newsday

The major league baseball season opens this weekend on Sunday, April 2, 2017.

Though it might have been “great” or “terrific,” President Trump will not throw out the ceremonial first pitch at the Washington Nationals opening game on Monday, April 3.


Probably because rudeness has become our nation’s new normal.

President Barack Obama threw out ceremonial first pitches and was booed by thousands of fans. It’s almost certain that if President Trump were to show up at opening day, the jeers would be deafening.

There was a time in this country, not very long ago where the office of the President of the United States was shown respect, even if you vehemently disagreed with the president’s policies or even loathed him. The president showing up at baseball’s opening day was an occasion to celebrate our national pastime and have the president participate in a tradition.

I don’t know if we will ever see that respect shown again to any president now or in the future because our society has become so partisan and politically hate-filled.

I haven’t even remotely liked ANY president in my lifetime, but I would never consider being disrespectful to the president and booing him.

It’s okay sometimes to say and do nothing. Silence can say a lot.

The next time you are at any sporting event, watch what happens when the P.A. announcer introduces a veteran of the armed forces. Everyone applauds and eventually that applause turns into a standing ovation. Look around you. See if there is not one person who is standing and applauding. Watch to see how many people delay standing up because they don’t want to or are inconvenienced. Glancing around, the non-standee is pressured into getting up off their ass. If someone does not stand up, I guarantee you it would be noticed. There will be someone who will say something to the non-standee and soon a fight will break out. Unanimity is a powerful force.

You don’t have to be a supporter of war to applaud a veteran. And you don’t have to boo theĀ  president if you can’t stand him. I’m glad President Obama showed up at opening day baseball games. I hope President Trump and future presidents continue this tradition, even if it is just pomp and circumstance..

Let’s take a look at a simpler time. Here is President Dwight Eisenhower on April 7, 1958 throwing out the first pitch of the Washington Senators baseball season at Griffith Stadium. There were people who did not “like Ike.” They had the courtesy not to boo him.

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3 thoughts on “President Trump And The First Pitch of The Baseball Season

  1. Steve

    yes, the office of President of the United States did used to generate respect. but with trump in office, showing his complete disrespect of the office, his complete ignorance of his responsibilities, his complete disregard of our Constitution, he deserves no respect. he is a flat out lying scumbag. having said that, President Obama was not “booed by thousands”. I been at games that President Obama threw out the first pitch, there were boos, but there was many cheers also. President Obama still stood up to the lies told of him by fox news and their ilk, and did a fine job with a congress that fought him on every turn. trump deserves no respect, he is an embarrassment to our nation as his arrogance, ignorance and flat out dishonesty drives us down a road we cannot afford to go. plus, he lakced the courage to show up and face his unpopularity because that would have gone against the “alternative facts” he and his administration spout. and the hate filled rhetoric comes from the right, pay attention and you can tell. just take a look at the hate filled wealth care bill they are trying to pass in the senate. if you look at the facts, it is the republican party in this nation that spews hatred and dishonesty. that’s why their politicians are afraid to meet with their own constituents anymore. and don’t blame the shooting 2 weeks ago, democtats have been shot and threatened much more than the nra puppet republicans. look it up.

  2. Gustave DeVelasco

    I agree with the author. It’s not that America has become partisan because we have always been partisan from the beginning of the nation. The issue today is the lack of respect and decency. A citizen can disagree with a politician or political party but that does not excuse violence and destruction…. Yes, the constitution give you the right to burn or defecate on the American flag but should you? Americans no longer can agree to disagree… BOTH parties have made America into a Orwellian 1984 novel…

  3. Dorothy Todd

    My only memory of President Eisenhower was on a Saturday morning. I was so angry with him – I yelled, whined, stomped my feet. Ultimately I cried like a baby about how much I didn’t like him. I was sent to my room to calm down. The reason for my tantrum? He interrupted my cartoons to give a campaign speech. I was about 8 years old.

    I wonder about grown adults behaving the same way over President Trump!

    I’ve been voting for Presidents of the United States for a very long time. Most of the time my preference didn’t win. Life goes on and Presidents generally do the best they can with what they have.

    Your article was very enjoyable to read and quite honest. Hopefully President Trump decides to continue the “first pitch” tradition.


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