George Carlin On How Corporations Control America

A Short Summary On Why Things Never Get Better

To call George Carlin a comedian would be a narrow definition of who he was. My best description would be: a brilliant social commentator  with observations wrapped in comedy aimed at the masses to induce critical thinking with laughter.

Normally we abstain from profanity on this web site. You can say a lot without having to resort to vulgarisms. But integral to George Carlin and his performances was his use of profanity. If the truth is wrapped in profanity, then the truth will be voiced here.

Here is the late George Carlin’s explanation¬† of who runs America and reminds us that we are not members of “the club.”

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2 thoughts on “George Carlin On How Corporations Control America

  1. Thomas C. Kelly

    Wow! I love this man and have watched much of his commentary on YouTube. Indeed he was brilliant. Said it like it was! Reminds me a lot of my grandmother and why I loved living with her as a young boy. She didn’t mince words. I miss her more than ever in these times. Thank you very much for including George Carlin. What a guy! I miss him too. What would he say about our world and leaders today? He was great!


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