We’d Like To Hear From Houdini (And Teddy Roosevelt While We’re At It)

On The 90th Anniversary of Houdini’s Death, We’d Like Some Advice From Houdini and His Friend Theodore Roosevelt

From left to right: William Hamlin Childs, Harry Houdini, J.C. Platt, Theodore Roosevelt, unidentified, Philip Roosevelt, L. F. Abbott

Aboard The Imperator June 23, 1914 – From left to right: William Hamlin Childs, Harry Houdini, J.C. Platt, Theodore Roosevelt, unidentified, Philip Roosevelt, L. F. Abbott

If there is an afterlife maybe Houdini is hanging out with President Theodore Roosevelt like he was in 1914. If so, I’d like to know what they think about the current state of our country.

October 31, 1926 marks the 90th anniversary of the death of the world’s most famous magician, Harry Houdini. Before he died, Houdini told his wife Bess that if there really was life after death, he would contact her. After all, Houdini spent a lot of his time showing how all people who claimed to contact the dead were charlatans. If anyone could prove that there was life after death it would be Houdini.

He never made contact with Bess. There are still seances held each year that try and contact Houdini.

So every so often we’ve asked the question: has Houdini made contact from other side like he said he would?

Of course not. Houdini is still dead and there’s no word from him.

If there was ever a time when we could use the advice of two people who have gone to the great beyond, it would be from these two men, shown together in a photograph taken in 1914.

harry-houdini-and-theodore-roosevelt-june-23-1914-photo-nyplHarry Houdini and Theodore Roosevelt.

Harry Houdini spent the latter half of his life debunking psychics and all paranormal activity as pure nonsense.  Theodore Roosevelt was, if not the greatest, certainly one of the best president’s this country has ever had.

I’d like to hear what Houdini thinks of all the inane reality TV programs that feature ghosts, psychics, mediums and other “unexplained” phenomena. I think Houdini, adversary of the illogical, false and misleading, would have a field day uncovering all the shenanigans happening in all facets of life.

I’d ask, “How can we get people to stop believing in strange and meaningless things, Houdini?” And I think Houdini would say through science and education we can help eradicate superstition and irrationality. But looking around I’m also sure there are many people would hold tight to their implausible beliefs and continue on their march towards imbecility.

If Houdini could communicate from the other side, maybe he in turn could ask Theodore Roosevelt what course the United States should take now?  What should we do about this monstrosity of a presidential election? America is about to elect its least popular president no matter who wins. Then what happens next?

I’d ask Houdini to ask Mr. Roosevelt, “How can we fix our broken, partisan country? Can you recommend someone to lead the country who is wise, honest, principled, strong, incorruptible, ethical and sincere and will bring unity to the nation? Is there such a person living now?

Honestly, I think Mr. Roosevelt would be stumped.

The reality is Roosevelt is dead and gone, just like Houdini and we’re not gonna’ hear a word from either of them.

Instead, the question every American should ask themselves is “are these the best people that we could possibly put into the nation’s highest office?” How could this be happening? Americans seem to be voting against Donald Trump or against Hillary Clinton.

After November 8, many Americans will be wishing that whoever gets elected President will “pull a Houdini” on us and give us a chance to start anew.

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