Classic Hollywood #53 – 10 Stunning Photos of Claudia Cardinale

10 Stunning Photos of Claudia Cardinale – A Natural Beauty

Claudia Cardinale with towel

In the 1960s and 1970s Claudia Cardinale would consistently be on or near the top of the most beautiful women in the world lists. Besides emitting a natural beauty that few movie stars have today, Cardinale’s a talented actress. Cardinale has starred in some of the most iconic films of the 1960s including (1963) The Professionals (1966), and Sergio Leone’s 1968 classic Once Upon A Time in the West. At age 78 Cardinale is still active making films today.

Claudia Cardinale moves her hair

When you see all the current pretty models and movie stars, almost all of them come off as having a degree of artificiality. There is something about Claudia Cardinale’s looks that seems completely natural. I know it’s an illusion. Actresses are all made to look their best in photographs and on film. But Cardinale has a unique look. Maybe it’s her eyes or the shape of her face or her smile. I don’t know. But whatever it is, there’s no actress or model today that can come close to Cardinale’s beauty.

We’ll let the following photographs of Claudia Cardinale provide the proof. (click any photo to enlarge.)

Claudia Cardinale waits in bedClaudia Cardinale bathing suit cooling off

Claudia Cardinale watches surfers between scenes Dont Make Waves 1967Claudia Cardinale The ProfessionalsClaudia Cardinale sits on a carClaudia Cardinale standing near fireplaceClaudia Cardinale couchClaudia Cardinale in Paris photo Peter Basch

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5 thoughts on “Classic Hollywood #53 – 10 Stunning Photos of Claudia Cardinale

  1. Mark

    Just watched her in Once upon a time in the West, What an absolute angel. She’s 80 now but back then she was one of the most gorgeous women ever.

    1. John Spencer

      She is the poster girl for the 70th anniversary edition of Cannes Film Festival starting this week.


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