One of The Most Timeless Political Cartoons Ever

An Appropriate Political Cartoon From 2016?

National Bird of Prey Cartoon 1905 Puck MagazineThe more things change the more they remain the same.

puck bannerThis great political cartoon ran in 1905 on the cover of the satirical Puck Magazine. The cartoon showing The National Bird of Prey “Corporate Vulture” feeding her young “dough” is as appropriate in 2016 as it was in 1905 . The hatchlings being fed in a nest lined with money are labeled “Our” Senators; “Our” Legislatures and “Our” Judges. Is the “Our” in quotes referring to the citizens who have been robbed of representative power or a sarcastic wink to the fact that “Our” government belongs to the corporations? With either interpretation it is a potent statement that still rings true today.

The only thing missing is “Our” President. But back in 1905, our president was Theodore Roosevelt, a man of unimpeachable integrity and not subject to corporate pandering. Roosevelt was the type of president that is now extinct from the modern political landscape. Look at our sorry crop of presidential candidates in 2016. Can any of them even hold a candle to men like Roosevelt, Lincoln, Jefferson or even Harry Truman?

The difference between then and now? Back in 1905 the corporations had “their man,’ usually a corporate lawyer do the dirty work. Now the corporations use armies of lobbyists and PACS to throw money at “our” supposed representatives to corrupt “our” government.

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