The Daying Dead Sea In China Is Really A Filthy, Giant Swimming Pool

More Like A Cesspool Than A Swimming Pool, The Daying Dead Sea Is China’s Solution For Its Citizens To “Enjoy Swimming”

chinese pool 3When I first encountered a photograph of the Daying Dead Sea in Suining City, Daying County, China, I had no idea of what to make of it.

My mind conjured up a nightmare scenario like the 1973 film Soylent Green in which overpopulation has been dealt with by turning people into food.

chinese pool 1The Daying Dead Sea is not an aquatic human abatoir. It is a very large indoor swimming pool that regularly attracts crowds of 8,000 or more people. Of course there is absolutely no room to swim and people jam themselves into the water and stand or float on a tube in their one spot.

They don’t need the tubes. The people can effortlessly float because the pool is made up of 43 elements and microelements  to simulate the effects of the Middle East’s Dead Sea where the salt composition is extremely high enabling easy floatation.

chinese pool 4The Chinese have few public swimming pools and therefore they flock to giant waterparks like the Daying Dead. The term swimming pool is a misnomer because as you can see there is rarely any swimming happening.

One of my idiosyncrasies is that I don’t like going into public swimming pools because there is a degree of filth within them. People have been seen cleaning themselves at Daying Dead. On a recent July weekend during a heat wave in China there were over 10,000 people in this pool. One can only imagine the amount of urine and fecal matter in the water. Absolutely disgusting.

chinese pool 5

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