Black And White

A Very Strange Physical Transformation

This story appeared in several newspapers in June of 1909 without the source that originally ran the story. Should you believe it?  Truth is stranger than fiction.

Los Angeles Herald


Street Car Driver In New York Changes Color All Over Except One-Half of Face

NEW YORK, June 25, 1909—In James McFaul, a street car driver, Bellevue hospital has one of the strangest cases that has come under its observation in many years. About a year ago McFaul’s skin commenced to turn black and it has continued to do so until now he is as black as a negro all over, with the exception of the right side of his face. Star Trek Episode Let That Be Your Last Battlefield half black half whiteClose observation indicates that the transformation may not affect the right side of his face, which is a rosy white. None of the Bellevue doctors have been able to diagnose the trouble, except that it is an organic affection due to the softening of tissues.

Many of these interesting old news stories have no prelude or aftermath. I could not find one mention of Mr. McFaul before or after his baffling medical condition occurred.

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