Red Auerbach Shows Rookie Bill Russell A Thing Or Two -1957

Auerbach And Russell And The Beginnings Of A Dynasty

Red Auerbach Bill Russell Jan 12 1957

For people of a certain generation Bill Russell was and is the greatest basketball player ever.

In this photograph Arnold “Red” Auerbach coach of the Boston Celtics is showing 22-year-old rookie Bill Russell how to spin a basketball (like Russell doesn’t know how to do that!)

Heralded as the most exciting player to enter the NBA since George Mikan, the six foot ten Russell made his NBA debut December 22, 1956 and played flawless basketball for the next 13 seasons. During their time together, Auerbach, Russell and the Celtics won an incredible 11 championships.

One completely silly observation: Red Auerbach looks an awful lot like Mel Brooks in this photo.

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