Old New York In Photos #26

Two Old Views of Broadway, Bordering Washington Heights

Broadway 153rd Broadway 158th Church of the Intercession

These rural looking scenes are of The Boulevard, now known as Broadway taken around 1895. On the left is Broadway and 153rd Street and on the right, Broadway and 158th Street.

At Broadway between 153rd and 154th Street was the approximate site of Washington’s second fortification of entrenchments in the Battle of Manhattan during the Revolutionary War in 1776.

On the western corner of Broadway and 158th Streets stood the second building of the Church of the Intercession. The congregation moved into their larger, current building at Broadway and 155th Street in 1915.

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1 thought on “Old New York In Photos #26

  1. Vivian Ducat

    Hi. I love the picture of the Trinity Cemetery on 153rd. Every year for the last 8, we have done a historical calendar to raise money for the Riverside Oval Assn around 155th and Riverside Drive (bet 155-160). If I could attach to this, I would send you the flyers. I would love to include that photo of the hill in next year’s calendar. Might you be willing to let us use it?


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