The Gates That Have Been Closed For Over 360 Years And Will Never Be Opened Again

The Bear Gates, Traquair Castle, Scotland

Photo Traquair Castle Bear Gates courtesy

The Scottish lament of “Will ye no come back again,” refers to the 1746 exile of Charles Edward Stuart (1720-1788) otherwise known as Bonnie Prince Charlie, the second Jacobite pretender to the thrones of England, Scotland and Ireland.

Traquair Castle is located 30 miles south of Edinburgh in the town of Innerleithen, Scotland. In 1745 Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobite army passed through the Bear Gates during his visit to the 5th Earl of Traquair. Afterwards the Earl, a fervent supporter of the Stuart cause, ordered the Bear Gates be closed and not re-opened until a Stuart again sits on the Scottish Throne.

The Battle of Culloden took place on April 16 , 1746 and Bonnie Prince Charlie was soundly defeated by the son of King George II, the Duke of Cumberland. Bonnie Prince Charlie took flight, ending the cause of the Stuarts to regain the throne. He lived the rest of his life in exile and died without having children.The Royal House of Stuart became extinct in 1807 with the death of Charles’ brother Henry Benedict Stuart.

The Bear Gates will never be opened again.

6 thoughts on “The Gates That Have Been Closed For Over 360 Years And Will Never Be Opened Again

  1. Thomas Morrison

    Anyway I did like your article Hannah…-:) it was a good read..sorry I was not being critical, it’s just that I have read many books about the the Stuart’s and up until a few years ago they all said that his illegitimate daughter died without children ( untrue ) and he did make his daughter his heir and legitimized her…. and now many many authors tell the true story that she had children also . Thomas

  2. Thomas Morrison

    Charles Edward Stuart did not Die without having children..he had a daughter and it is very well documented ! And she in turn had children and his descendants live to this very day…they are not extinct, that is what the British government wanted the people to think to quell another restoration attempt ….

    1. Hannah K. Post author

      You are correct. I was aware he had a daughter out of wedlock, which should have been mentioned in the article.

      1. Charles

        Well you have to ask the question : back then, having a descendance meant having sons, not daughters – this is the Salic law right ? In that case, does the wedlock daughter count as a descendent ?

        1. Robert

          Is not the Salic Law just for German succession? I know it forbade Queen Victoria from inheriting Hanover. I am an American so I am not certain.

      2. Al

        Prince William has Stuart blood. He is descended directly from Charles II, through his mother. When he is crowned, the Stuart bloodline will return to the throne.


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