The “Artwork” Of The 110 Harbor Freeway Los Angeles

Why Go To The Museum of Contemporary Art or The Getty?

If you live around Los Angeles you may be too busy to go to a museum to see paintings. Luckily or unfortunately depending on your point of view, you can always get your fill of “art” while driving to work.

On the constantly congested 110 Freeway, one can take in up close the utter decay of the city every 6 to 30 feet. That is the range of distance between the supporting pillars of the freeway on the median. There you can admire the ugly, illegible scrawls of grade school drop-outs.

The “Lovely Artwork”

Vandals have decided to tag each and every concrete column in spray paint. Sometimes, if you sit long enough in one spot of traffic you can almost make out a word of the undecipherable wall doodling.

You would think that it is probably not worth your life to venture late at night into the middle of a highway with a can of spray paint to deface public property. But that is the way rational people think, not graffiti scum. Apparently these taggers are of such limited mental capacity, they ascribe no value to their lives. They’re willing to die in the process of  committing their misdemeanors.

What would happen if one of these lowlife Da Vinci’s should be killed in the process of committing vandalism?  You can be sure a shyster lawyer will file a multi-million dollar wrongful death suit against the city.

Shyster lawyer – “Your honor why did the city not keep the perpetrator ‘safe’ while engaging in a criminal act?”

The volume of graffiti on the highway is astounding and is just one of the things that makes Los Angeles a depressing place to live.

E V E R Y…. single…. pillar.

A blight on our civilization.

I do like when they paint over one another’s work. No respect.

If this graffiti is artwork, then we are all doomed.

UPDATE 2018 – For the past six years the city has removed the graffiti from the highway columns as soon as it occurs. One can only dream the city can next remove the cretins who habitually tag the rest of the L.A..

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