Old New York In Photos #15 – Fifth Ave. & 42nd St. 1928

42nd Street and Fifth Avenue, 1928

A street level photograph looking east on 42nd Street towards 5th Avenue on a chilly day in 1928. On the left side of the photograph and just to the right of the twin street lamp globes is one of the early traffic towers which would control vehicular traffic flow with colored signals. New York City had been installing traffic lights at very busy intersections since 1920.

The billboard on the northeast corner of 5th and 42nd advertises The Delineator, a magazine devoted to fashion, culture and fine arts. It was published from 1873 until 1937 when it merged with Pictorial Review.

2 thoughts on “Old New York In Photos #15 – Fifth Ave. & 42nd St. 1928

  1. Mary Johnson

    Good morning! I’m a big fan of your blog, and I’m also a reporter covering several east side neighborhoods of New York. I wanted to pass along a story I just wrote about a 40-year-old cold case– the murder of a man named Peter Detmold — that to this day remains unsolved and, well, somewhat forgotten. Would love to hear any feedback you may have! http://bit.ly/yq4aj8




    1. B.P.

      Thanks for the compliment about the site. Very interesting article. Peter Detmold’s mother Mabel wrote a book about the area “The Brownstones of Turtle Bay Gardens” in 1965. The Detmold’s cherished the neighborhood. It is a shame the case remains cold.


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