Old New York in Postcards #4

Public Schools In The Bronx In The Early 20th Century

Most of these postcards are from between 1905 -1925.  Some public schools were quaint schoolhouses as the Bronx was rural in most areas.

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PS 7 in Kingsbridge or referred to here as Kings Bridge.

PS 44 Prospect Avenue and East 176th Street

PS 13 Park Avenue between 215th and 216th Streets

PS 8 Briggs Avenue and Bainbridge Avenue

PS 28 Mount Hope Place, Tremont Avenue and Anthony Avenue

PS 26 Burnside Avenue and Aqueduct Avenue

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2 thoughts on “Old New York in Postcards #4

  1. Bruce

    I went to 2nd grade in P.S. 7, pictured at the top of Old New York in Postcards #4. I remember the Library inside, which was on the top floor, underneath the dome pictured. I remember a mural painted on the top, under the dome, but I don’t remember what it depicted. I was around 7 years old and had never seen anything like that. I also remember when the building was demolished, I think it was the summer between second and third grade (I’m 62 now!) and I remember in particular that the dome on the top with the mural inside was hard for the wrecking ball to destroy. They had to smash it with the ball several times before it collapsed. Imagine watching this as a little kid who had just been inside! Next year we had a brand new school to go to with a new library and everything, but no great dome and mural!


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