December 7, 1941

Waiting To Enlist

Sunday afternoon on “a day that will live in infamy.” Volunteers for military service stretch around the block after the Japanese launched a surprise attack against the United States at Pearl Harbor.

I’m unsure of which city this is. Probably not New York because on December 7 the temperature in New York reached a high of only 34 degrees and the men in this photograph are not dressed for that kind of cold.  I also do not recognize the building. Ideas?

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2 thoughts on “December 7, 1941

  1. Richard Dost

    That is called Whitehall Street because it was on Whitehall St. I enlisted there in 1964 . About 1990 it was gutted and turned into a NY Health Club , , what a shame . I wound up working right near there at 104 Broad St in 1980 -2002 . The song Alice’s Restaurant mentions it . I believe it was etched in stone near , or above the main door ” US ARMY Department of War ” The inside was a square dough nut shape where you could look down from all the floors . Hundreds of thousands of us took our oath there , and they made it into a sports club . I will never forgive them for that .

  2. Terence Hodgson

    Think this may be the military building taking up a whole block of Broad through to Whitehall and two smaller streets, perhaps south or front st lower manhattan. I think its outline shows on the Robinson 1885 map of manhattan, online at WardMaps.


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