The End of the Parking Meter in New York City

Out with The Old, In With The New – NYC Parking Meters Replaced by Muni Meters

Old baaaaad- parking meter

They are all gone now. At least from Manhattan. As of September 19, 2011, all the parking meters have been replaced by Muni Meters. The parking meter, which allowed you to park in many commercial areas of New York City for a designated amount of time, will soon be a memory. Like rotary phones, telephone booths and those red  fire alarm boxes attached to lamp posts, parking meters have become obsolete.

First they took away the meters that accepted dimes, increasing the price to a quarter or more for any amount of time. Then they removed the knob that you had to turn after depositing the change and now they have eliminated the meter itself.

New gooooood – muni meter

While many people are probably glad to be rid of the parking meters as they would malfunction, get jammed or run fast, I am not happy to see them go.

I liked the idea of finding a meter with time remaining on it, especially if I had to park for five minutes or less which was most of the time. I wouldn’t mind the parking meters demise if they were not replaced by any means of mechanical money collection.  Imagine that?

Old Meter – 25 cents per 10 minutes

But the city has replaced them and now the Muni Meters  are minimally twice as expensive for the same parking locations that the old parking meters were at.  Somehow a 100% price increase in tough economic times has not rattled the public.   Is this the friendly city Mayor Bloomberg talks about? If someone is running into a store for a couple of minutes, it will cost a minimum of 50 cents for ten minutes of time.  One hour of parking in most neighborhoods is $3.00 or more. Our car-hating mayor and his minion, the bike-lane loving transportation commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan would never think of providing a break to the harried and over-taxed people of New York.

Same location – new price

The idea of maybe having the first five minutes of parking being free and the next five minutes cost a quarter and then for each additional ten minutes, 50 cents – would be an anathema to our city government’s bottomless need for revenue generation.

Elected officials be warned: keep up these price increases and you will soon entirely eliminate the middle class from New York once and for all.

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