Ghost Video At Smith Building In Corpus Christi, Texas

Why Are Ghost Videos Always Poor Quality?

If you are going to record paranormal activity you should remember three things:

1- Have good video equipment, preferably with a good lighting system.

2- Don’t run away if you encounter something strange.

3- Don’t scream.

It always seems that  people who claim to have video proof of ghosts, always have poor evidence.

This video captured my attention several years ago, so I decided to post it with the best explanation, which is here at the web site Ghost Place.

Below is video of the haunting in Corpus Christi, Texas at the Smith Building. Come to your own conclusion, but I have watched this closely and still think it is freaky (and somewhat corny.)

Watch the related videos. There used to be a clear version on youtube which has since been taken down. What do you think? Maybe you just wasted half an hour of your life or in my case an hour.

UPDATE 2014 – As with all ghost videos, this one turned out to be a hoax. Here is the man who videotaped it explaining how the effects were achieved.

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