Old New York in Photos #9

Hit Bell, Win Prize

Coney Island July 5, 1946.

Before the mall-ification of New York, Coney Island had lots of things to do besides the rides. One was this common amusement which was found at lots of carnivals and amusement parks. To test your strength you would swing a large mallet, hitting a levered board with a weight attached to a pole. Hitting it as hard as you could would drive the weight up the pole. If you hit it hard enough, the weight would go the top, anywhere from 10-15 feet from the ground and strike a bell. Doing so would entitle you to a prize.

It was a great way to impress a date, unless of course you failed to hit the bell or only got the weight up a measly three or four feet.  Even though it did not appear hard to do obviously most people failed to hit the bell.

It was all in the wrists according to the pros.  This gentleman exemplifies determination.

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