New York Jewish Cemetery Vandalized

Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn Had Over 200 Monuments Desecrated and Toppled in December 2010 – Crime Still Unsolved in April 2011

Somehow or other this story did not make much of an impact in the news when it occurred in December 2010. This was done by a group of vicious, uneducated creeps. The words I would like to use to describe the vermin who did this I will not publish here.

The damage probably amounts to hundred of thousands of dollars. It also looks like more than 200 graves were harmed from the video posted below. With all the evidence shown, you would think the police would have caught these mutants.  But I have not read or seen a thing about this crime being solved.

Let’s be frank. This is a Jewish cemetery, the largest in Brooklyn. This was an anti-semitic attack.  This is a tragedy regardless of the religion involved.  The resting place of the dead is supposed to be sacred in every civilized part of the world. As a commenter of one of the news outlets that covered the vandalism noted – if this had happened in a Baptist or black cemetery, Al Sharpton would have been up in arms and organized protests the next day; the police would have been in hot pursuit; and the crime would not have been unsolved four months later.

Where was the public outcry?  Why was Mayor Bloomberg silent?

I recently read of a worse instance in Richmond Virginia about an historic black cemetery, Evergreen, being not only neglected and vandalized, but tombs being broken into for valuables and the bones being tossed aside.   This is sad and sickening. What has our society become?

The victims are not the dead, they are the families who have to see their loved ones monuments desecrated, toppled and in many cases destroyed beyond repair. In many cases the cemetery is not responsible for the repairs and there are no living family members to pay for the repairs.  The victims are all of us. Memento Mori.

See for yourself what was done.

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