Carole King, Tapestry & The Art Of The Album Cover

The Story Of The Tapestry Photo Shoot And Some Out-takes

One of the best selling albums of all time is Carole King’s Tapestry from 1971. The appealing cover image of Carole King sitting in the living room of her home in Laurel Canyon, CA was taken by rock n’ roll photographer Jim McCrary. An interesting sidenote was that King’s cat Telemachus was moved while sitting on the pillow from across the room by McCrary to be used in the final cover shot.

We identify famous covers and just accept that is the cover. The conclusion is “it’s the right cover!”  In Tapestry’s case, McCrary’s use of the cat definitely helps draw the viewer in.


What if a different cover had been used?

Here are four other photos from The Tapestry shoot


March 2 is the premiere of PBS’s “American Masters” which features Carole King in Troubadors: Carole King / James Taylor & The Rise of the Singer-Songwriter.

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7 Responses to Carole King, Tapestry & The Art Of The Album Cover

  1. B.P. – I’m a huge Carole King fan. She’s an artist that actually reaches generations and isn’t lost in translation. This was even more apparent when her song, “Where You Lead,” was chosen as the Gilmore Girl’s theme song.

    Great post, looking forward to reading more.

  2. Jim says:

    The questions is, were there two cats in that picture? What is on her lap?

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